"MOVEMENT + CODE:" A Generative Art Project using Nike+ Running Data
In my Master of Fine Arts program I become interested in generative artwork, using code to create artwork that is both intentional and random. In this project, I used code to create generative artwork based on and inspired by my movement, captured by the Nike+ running App. Using a pre-written PHP class that captured running data from the Nike+ app, I developed custom PHP code to create several visualization options to create generative artwork for each of my runs. Each visualization also included elements of randomness. For example, the visualization used in most examples includes dots and arcs. Each arc represents one minute of running and the generative code chooses a random position on the screen each time to arc to. So each run can have multiple visualizations each time the code is run. Technologies used: PHP/HTML5/CANVAS. The website/generative code is no longer functional. Nike+ changed the way it sends data (XML to JSON) so my code can no longer read the data. http://www.sarahalvarez.com/paperanimation/
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